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Barcelona Dynamics

is a collection of maps made with differents kind of data for the new urban plan of the metropolitan area of Barcelona


The metropolis as concentration

The metropolitan area of Barcelona is an inhabited landscape. How are people distributed? Which spaces do workers occupy? In which more or less compact areas are the different urban uses to be found? Population density and the constructed fabric reflect an intense metropolitan life whose form varies from the multipurpose city centres to the residential outskirts and industrial areas. A city must be a positive and necessary concentration.


The metrolis as a sequence

The metropolitan area is an old territory in constant evolution. Since 1976 the ground surface has doubled through operations of renovation and urban extension, while the population has shifted and transformed, and the economic fabric has diversified to encompass innovation. The coexistence between new and old is one of the challenges of a mutable metropolis with great potential for transformation.


The metropolis as a mixture

The mixture of urban uses, constructed forms and economic activities generates a metropolitan territory that is rich and varied. The association or segregation of industry, commerce and residence, and the mixture of heavily built-up areas and sparsely constructed ones, result in similar or divergent urban patterns. Diversity is intrinsic to the metropolitan city and should be integrated as an opportunity for the future.


This is a project made by 300.000Km/s
(Mar Santamaria Varas & Pablo Martínez Díez)
for the Area Metropolitana de Barcelona


Xavi Mariño and Noemí Martinez (AMB coordinators)

Laia Molist (AMB - PDU team)

The Data

All the data used for this visualizations is obtained from the Area Metropolitana of Barcelona and also the Cadastre from Spain.

Barcelona Dynamics
The landscape productive and intense
the economic activit of the AMB generates a compact and complex ground floor
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